Educational Goals and Philosophy Essay

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Educational Goals and Philosophy

Making a career choice can often be a tormenting decision, and many people choose a profession or line of work that may not satisfy their creative abilities, but only pays the bills. I have known, specifically since the first day I spent in kindergarten class, that my purpose is to teach, and for that knowledge I am especially fortunate. The philosophies that I support have been part of my educational beliefs and standards for the majority or my lifetime, and are qualities that, I feel, make an effective and touching teacher.

My first opportunity to display my desire to teach was an experience that changed my life, and will continue to shadow my teaching career,
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As I observed in a ninth-grade English class, I found that there were several different types of students. Several of the students were very eager to learn, attentive, and thoughtful. They raised their hands, asked intelligent questions, and completed all assignments to the fullest of their potential. A few other students were very outgoing and outspoken. They were eager to answer questions, but they didn’t put forth the effort required to master the subject. These students performed adequately well; however, they progressed more slowly than did the more passionate students. Finally there was the group of students who make learning more difficult for others by interrupting or disrupting the classroom discussions. I believe implementing an effective classroom philosophy or philosophies can successfully reach, to some extent, each of these types of students in a way that enables them to grasp a specific topic and utilize it in their future educational endeavors.

I believe that English, among several other subjects, is an extremely essential subject in educating our children. Students cannot progress to high school graduation, a college education, or a successful business without obtaining enough knowledge of the English language to communicate well with others. Therefore, I am a firm follower of
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