Educational Goals and Philosophy Essay

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Statement of Educational Goals and Philosophy My desire to become a teacher began while I was in junior high school however; my family, friends, and coaches basically turned me against it. They said it was a jobless market with no future. At that age, those people were very impressionable on my decisions, and because of this I became disillusioned about my career, and at that point I just knew I wanted to attend college. Once in college, I found my niche in the social sciences. I love reading and learning about history, psychology, religion, politics, government, social issues, and diverse cultures. I was able to double major in the fields of history and geography while gaining a minor in political science. My intention was to…show more content…
Dr. Bard had made an impact on my college experience. Most people feared his classes, but I welcomed them. Many of my high school history teachers unexcitingly thumbed through the chapters telling us about the basic facts, dates, and never advanced in contemporary history. Dr. Bard would help his students visualize history with words. He did not just make us remember events, but he also explained why they happened. I plan to make the content relevant to the students as much as possible, while conforming to state standards. My particular content area requires me to challenge the student. I must require the student to think critically, imaginatively, and theoretically. I plan on using a variety of educational philosophies in my classroom including: behaviorism and progressivism. I plan on using progressivism in my classroom because I want students to leave my class knowing that what they learn is important to their lives. Social sciences affect everyone. For example, a student should be able to identify the purpose and laws of government after my class. History is important because it is the gateway to the past. Everyone has a history, and a past. We must study the past to understand each other. Psychology is a very deep subject that enables us to understand the human mind. It can explain why people act the way they do. It can help us understand how the human mind develops. These were a few brief statements about the content of social studies.
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