Educational Gymnastics : Safety And The Law

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Ellyce Uy, Jaclyn Smith, Jeffrey Fenrich, Joy (Yoohee) Kim, Priscila De La Garza EDUCATIONAL GYMNASTICS SAFETY & THE LAW: • Physical Educators are held to a higher standard of accountability, and it is their responsibility to care for the child as a parent would. • We have a DUTY OF CARE to the child and are obligated to avoid any conduct that could pose risk or harm to another person. • Failure to be responsible is a breach of trust. STANDARDS OF CARE: 1. Exercise is suitable for a students’ age, as well as their mental and physical capacity. 2. Student is progressively trained and coached to do the exercise properly and avoids danger. 3. Equipment used is adequate and arranged properly. 4. Performance, having regard to its inherently…show more content…
OLYMPIC GYMNASTICS – Work at higher level for competition and skill • Acquisition of specific skills (e.g. cartwheel and handspring), spotting (assistance or carrying) required, instructor(s) possess highly specialized skill and knowledge FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS: 1. LOCOMOTION – Feet & hand motions, rolling, and weight transfer. • Weight transference – change in base support, shift weight to focus on another part of the body. • Stepping action – feet or hands only. This can include walking on hands, traveling across a bar, or cartwheels. 2. STATIC - holding a stable position whether or not balancing on a specific part of the body. Common ideas include headstands, handstands, frog stands. • Overbalance – shifting weight outside of base support (headstand → roll) • Counter-resistance – two or more individuals pushing against one another for stability (Inverted V) • Counter-tension – Pulling away from partner (creating a V) • Suspension – balancing on an apparatus, either supporting yourself or hanging (hanging from a bar) 3. ROTATION – Occurs around any of the 3 axes: horizontal, vertical and anteroposterior • The most dangerous activity, so ensure safety protocols are followed. • Usually follows the pattern: run-jump-land-roll. • Cartwheel involves the transfer of weight towards the side. •
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