Educational Implications Of The Educational System

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Educational Complications Ahead Internationally, the United States is ranked 14th in educational performance out of 40 countries but statistically one students out of three fails to graduate. 9th in technology innovation but leads to many distractions and errors. There are many significant problems with today 's educational system that decline from three major problems: high rates poverty, advancement in technology and bias in culture. This hinders students maximum ability to obtain and learn quality mat
One of the biggest problems in today 's educational system is poverty. Even since the beginning of time only wealth and elite families could be educated. So of course students in wealthier education districts have a greater advantage over students that don 't. This due to the ability to afford better educational resources and necessary tools. Georgia has a poverty rate of 17.4% with a graduation rate of 71.5%; the national poverty rate is 14.9% with an 80% graduation rate. Its obvious that there is a big correlation between poverty and education. Citizen with higher family incomes often have more scholarly aspects such as higher test scores and higher iQs . While students with lower family incomes do not. Less fortunate often have more adult troubles to face in life such as: how is my family going to pay bills, where is my next meal is coming from, how am I going to be successful in technology based education systems without the necessary tools. Poverty and…
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