Educational Inequality Essay

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This study is to propose the idea that social inequality is directly associated with educational inequalities. Under the influence of bias aspects of social inequalities, education is one of the factors that are being vigorously affected. To further expend the ideology of inequality among lower and upper social class, this research also includes different perspectives of people with difference social status.

Education is always believed to open more opportunities for individuals. Parents always encourage their children to accomplish higher education, claiming that school is important and is a necessity in order to achieve a brighter future career that leads to a better life. “According to the Education Policy Research Initiative at the University of Ottawa, higher education is linked to higher salaries almost regardless of the subject (CBCnews, 2016).” Although it is true statically, the external environment of an individual also has a significant impact on the outcome of their opportunities. Individuals are naïve to think that school is an even playing field, and just because you get high grades does not necessarily related to success in that field. There is a saying that stated, “ it is not what you know but who you know”, a powerful statement that relates to inequality in businesses and workplace. An example would be comparing a child from the lower social class to a child from the upper social class. In this research paper, we will specifically look further at the
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