Educational Information on Gangs and their Negative Impact in Public Schools Systems

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Being in a gang requires severe commitment. It is required that all gang members be loyal to the gang and obedient when given orders. If these requirements are not kept then the result is usually physical violence. Gang members are tested frequently to prove that they are loyal to the gang by breaking the law and sometimes even violent offenses. This process is type of brain washing. The longer an individual is a member of the gang, the less they think independently.

Gangs frequently socialize and even recruit youth that live in the gangs neighborhood and who attend the local public schools. Gangs target the youths that are eager to belong or easily talked into doing tasks for the gang. These gangs take advantage of the hardships these youths experience while growing up. Unfortunately this type of life is chosen at a critical time in the individuals life when they are at the point where their peers have a big influence on their personal decisions. In recent years gangs have began to recruit younger members mainly due to the fact that they are easily influenced and usually receive lesser punishments.

Upon joining a gang new members are subject to a process of socialization. This opposes many of the norms and morals of the majority of society. Once new members become accepted and trusted then they begin to participate in criminal activities. This process is a part of social learning. This is a very important step in gang socialization. By understanding how gangs
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