Educational Leadership Analysis

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The California Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELS) align the most closely with my own beliefs and opinions of what it means to have “great school leadership”. It is inherent within their standards that they have a strong commitment to cultural diversity and the use of technology as a powerful tool (CPSELS 2008). As a school administrator, I will strive to be an educational leader that promotes the success of all students, and I believe that this can be achieved by supporting and implementing the 6-standard system listed below.
Standard 1
Standard 1: Facilitating the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a vision of learning that is shared and supported by the school community (CPSELS 2008). The first step in
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Such an approach provides the vehicle for teacher growth and development by providing opportunities for professional conversation around agreed-on standards of practice. (Danielson 2010).
Standard 3
Standard 3: Ensuring management of the organization, operations, and resources for a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment (CPSELS 2008). This standard can be accomplished by creating an infrastructure that supports a safe and effective learning environment through the management of the school as a learning support system and continually maintaining legal integrity.
Standard 4
Standard 4: Collaborating with families and community members, responding to diverse community interests and needs, and mobilizing community resources. (CPSELS 2008). This standard will require working in partnership with families and community members so that I can gather data to incorporate their perspectives into the decision-making process of the school. I will work to establish and manage relationships between the school and the larger
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