Educational Leadership Student Mission Statement

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Summary The journal article reports on a study of graduate level, educational leadership student’s knowledge of the mission, vision, values, and goal statements and their impact in school settings. The leadership students had limited recollection of the mission, vision, values, and goal statements. The leadership students had no impact on school improvement and organizational change. The lack of understanding of the mission, vision, values, and goals amongst leadership within schools undermine the culture, unity, foundation, development, and success of schools. Schools are complex organizations that are always changing due to many factors. School improvement leaders are challenged, at best, to introduce and support change efforts within organizations that experience ongoing, dynamic external and internal change forces, most of which may be hidden and unexpected (Gurley, 2015, pg.221). Since schools are in a constant state of change from internal and external factors, the leadership should be as motivated and focused on values, visions, and mission statements. A clear understanding of mission statement has to be shared by all leadership to work together to achieve a common goal. With a lack of a clear, concise, and…show more content…
I will put forth my best effort to fulfill my jobs mission and goals. At Verizon, our values consist of performing at a high level and providing outstanding customer service to all customers and employees. I will do my part and lead by example so that other can see that I make a difference and follow my lead.
I thought that this journal article was very fascinating and I was shocked that leadership in schools did not know the organization’s mission, vision, values and goal statements. These statements are vital to an organization’s culture and success, everyone with an organization should know these
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