Educational Measurement and Evaluation Has Proved Itself Most Relevant in Academic Setting

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A TERM PAPER ON THE TOPIC: EDUCATIONAL MEASUREMENT AND EVALUATION HAS PROVED ITSELF MOST RELEVANT IN ACADEMIC SETTING (DISCUSS). PREPARED BY USORO, THERESA DOMIINIC GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING DEPARTMENT/SOCIAL STUDIES COURSE TITLE: MEASUREMENT AND EVALUATION COURSE CODE: EDU 441 SUBMITTED TO MR I.O. IHEAKA INTRODUCTION Educational evaluation started off as a branch of psychology in the late 50s, as a result of curriculum innovations. It was then referred to as Educational Measurement, Measurement and Evaluation or Test and Measurement. Within the last few decades, educational evaluation has grown into a separate, independent discipline, though with some leanings on the ideas of psychologists, psychometricians and statisticians.…show more content…
Using the evaluation results to improve learning and teaching. More so, evaluation is a continuous process. It is essential in all fields of teaching and learning activity where judgment needs to be made. All evaluation devices/instruments should be valid and reliable. They are valid when they measure what they aim to measure, and they are reliable when they produce consistent results over time. The teacher as an evaluator should be impartial as much as possible. He should try to avoid personal prejudices. All evaluation instruments should take into account the practical problems of administering and marking of the responses i.e. the instruments should be convenient to administer and clear to the pupils. The pupils' responses should be easy to mark. Educational evaluation should be well planned in advance and should be carried out continuously, periodically and at least each term. Innovations Brought About in the Evaluation Technique of the Nigerian Educational System There are some faults that can be identified in the evaluation techniques used before, which through the efforts of the educational evaluators, have been corrected or perfected. The evaluation technique used before was the one-shot or final, end-of-term or year or session examination. This technique had served as a great 'threat' to the students, resulting in students' cheating, memorizing notes and carrying out premature search for question papers in a bid to pass. Students who passed the end of the
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