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Growth by most definitions is an increase of some sort or another. Growth means starting at one point and continually achieving more over time. The growth mindset is no different. The concept of the growth mindset is that over time and throughout one’s life, they continually adapt, change, and achieve a higher level of understanding about themselves and how they perceive themselves. This growth is due to the fact that they are generally able to identify their faults and weaknesses as well as understand their strengths. They accept the fact that they have these deficiencies, however, they are not satisfied with them, therefore they attempt to fix them or change them. This mindset that one is never done growing, learning, developing…show more content…
They believe you are either born with a skill or you are not. They do not believe that a skill can be developed and honed for a better result. For this reason, when failure occurs, they simply accept the outcome and choose not to attempt to better themselves for alternate outcome. These mindsets are often formed at a very early age. Parents praise their children for what they are great at and often neglect encouragement for what their children are not good at. These individuals also believe that their mindset cannot be changed. Growth or fixed, what kind of mindset do I have? Well, I love to golf, and the good Lord knows that I am far from perfect…ever! I am still in school, going back to get my masters in teaching, which means I am not satisfied with where I am at in my career. I am striving to do better after 37 years of trials and errors and multiple failures. I have refused to settle for anything and continue to take on challenges year after year. My four children are all different, yet I know not one of them is perfect. They all have flaws, and I encourage each one to do better the next time they attempt something. I am on my second marriage, a vast improvement from my first one. Again, I chose not to settle in a relationship that neither of us were happy in, and instead of believing I was a failure at relationships, I chose to make sure I did things better the next time around. I believe that I am not a perfect husband or father,
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