Educational Needs Assessment Annotated Bibliography

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Educational Needs Assessment:Annotated Bibliography Akhtar-Danesh, N., Valaitis, R.K., Schofield, R., Underwood, R., Martin-Misener, A., & Kolotylo, C. (2010). A questionnaire for assessing community health nurses' learning needs. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 32(8), 1055-1072. This journal covers the important stages of the Learning needs assessment and how it impacts every educational process that is aimed to inform changes in practice and policy for continuing professional development. Professional opportunities have been widely used as a basis for the development of learning needs assessment. This article reports on the development of a learning needs assessment questionnaire for Community Health Nurses (CHNs).…show more content…
The consumer perspective is also reviewed, as are issues surrounding the ethics of data collection and problems concerning aggregation of the numerous data sources into meaningful policy. Cochrane, D., Palmer, J., Lindsay, G., Tolmie, E., Allan, D., & Currie, K. (2009). Formulating a web-based educational needs assessment questionnaire from healthcare competencies. Nurse Researcher, 16(2), 64-75. This paper describes a project that led to the formulation of an online educational needs assessment tool by drawing on national healthcare ineffective understanding of coronary heart disease. It discusses the merits of web-based data collection and concludes that web-based survey systems offer distinct advantages providing researchers proceed with
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