Educational Philosophies

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Educational Philosophies Elizabeth Howell Liberty University What is the philosophy of education? It is a set of ideas and beliefs that guides teachers’ actions and provides a framework for thinking about educational issues. (Kauchak and Eggen, 197) Teachers use philosophy everyday in their classrooms. From the time the first student enters their room until the last student walks out, philosophy is affecting the way the teacher runs his/her classroom and how they interact with their students. There are four different types of educational philosophies: Perennialism, Essentialism, Progressivism, and Social reconstuctionism. There are also five classroom applications that help teachers decide which philosophies are used while they…show more content…
Lectures, questioning, practice and feedback are some of the teaching methods I would use in my classroom. These follow the Essentialism philosophy. I believe that consistence in a classroom is crucial but also you have to mix things up in order to keep the students attention and keep them interested in the curriculum. On the other hand, learning should not be all fun and games. Students will never take learning seriously if there is not seriousness implanted in their learning experience. It is my opinion classroom learning environments should be highly structured with strong focuses on academic work as well as essential knowledge and skills. As I stated before, a child should have just as much academic knowledge as they do knowledge of how the world works around them. This follows both Essentialism as well as Perennialism. Perennialism is an educational philosophy suggesting that nature is constant and that schools should teach classic knowledge. (Kauchak and Eggen, 201) Lastly, I feel that teachers should offer frequent objective and performance assessments and feedback to their students. Students should be periodically assessed on their work and given feedback and how they are doing. This is part of the essentialism philosophy. I believe that assessing students and giving them feedback helps the students as well as their parents know, without question, how the students in doing, what their level of
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