Educational Philosophies and Their Influences over Students and Teachers

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Educational Philosophies and Their Influences over Students and Teachers The way we are educated directly shapes not only how we learn, but essentially who we are. Teachers have long shaped their behaviors and lessons according to historical educational philosophies, therefore shaping how we as the students learn. The changing public idea o which educational philosophies are right also has an impact on what the teacher's essential role within and outside the classroom as well. Educational philosophies shape how learning is supposed to take place, and therefore influence various strategies for facilitating the most effective learning context. Personally, I know that the direction of my learning and my entire educational experience has been morphed by various historical educational philosophies. Now, I have a greater understanding of the various historical educational philosophies and how they have impacted teaching methods throughout time. I can see elements of particular theories within specific learning contexts, such as the behavior of one teacher or professor when compared to another. There are so many potential methods for teaching, and it is strange as the student to be confronted with so many conflicting ideologies during the most vulnerable stages of the learning process. I now have an understanding that leads me to understand how my experiences where developed through their close connection with these various philosophies of education and academics overall. For
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