Educational Philosophy Essay

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Educational Philosophy I did not spend my adolescent years contemplating what career I was going to choose and changing my mind every other week; I have wanted to be a teacher my entire life. I do not know why I originally made the decision, but, currently, I want to be a teacher so I can give back to the world. Deciding what subject to teach took a little consideration, but I made the decision fairly easily. I began comparing subjects I enjoyed and came up with math, psychology, and home economics. After researching the job market, the choice to make was clear. This country is in need of math teachers, and therefore, that is the path I have chosen. I plan to achieve my Bachelor’s Degree here at Concord, and then…show more content…
What is important is their prosperity in life. I want to teach my students how to apply learning the distance formula to a real life situation. Essentialist teachers serve as confidants and moral leaders for their students. I want my students to feel as if I am a trusted advisor and know that I will help them in any circumstance. In my classroom, good behavior will be upheld at a high standard. Not only will I expect good behavior from my students, but I will also serve as a role model to them both inside and outside of the classroom. I do not feel as if students can respect teachers that have lousy reputations in the community. In high school, I had several teachers of whom I looked up to with moral respect. These teachers influenced my life in ways they will never know, and I cannot thank them enough for all that they taught me about life. I hope I can have the same positive effect on my students. Essentialists also believe that the teacher is an authority figure. Being a woman, this will be important for me especially in my first years when I am only slightly older than my students and the same size, physically. If the students do not portray me as an authority, I will not be capable of maintaining control of my classroom. I want to provide a balanced view of myself for the students. I want them to perceive me as someone they can count on, and at the same time, someone they respect.
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