Educational Philosophy

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Educational Philosophy

Writing my educational philosophy has required me to do an extensive amount of personal research that has taken me on some wonderful, inward journeys over the past few months. Voyages through my cognitive and behavioral personas from the beginning of my educational endeavor back in 1992 up until the present day. I have been digging diligently through my archives pulling out old papers I composed regarding my initial views toward education. I have reflected on my days in the writing center at George Mason University as a composition tutor. Plus, I evaluate myself in the classroom now as I teach at the local community college as well as in the local junior high and high schools for my student
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This type of instructional method, and its varying implementations, provides the opportunity for each student to make a substantial contribution to his/her team. This contribution is where learning occurs. I do realize that there is a large gap between research and practice, and I know that cooperative learning is not a definite solution to my goals. What it provides is a means to a continuous labor of love moving closer to this goal, not a means to an end. Therefore, as an ongoing task, research will evolve as will my classroom practice. But, I do see some implementation rules that appear to be steadfast and help form my thoughts on constructing my future cooperative learning classroom.

Room preparation is the first rule. A classroom that I observed during a field placement assignment for Concord College had five, round tables with five chairs at each along with a computer. The round tables were organized in a horseshoe shape with the teacher’s workstation located at the opening of the “U”. This was a great example of how a cooperative learning room must be set up to enhance all forms of active interaction. The groups must be small and contain mixed abilities as well as a combination of gender and ethnic diversity. Third, an award system must be established along with a format for tracking improvement
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