Educational Philosophy Statement

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As a teacher, my philosophy of education focuses on the individual child and their educational needs. I would like my students to feel comfortable, develop their communication skills, and build positive character traits. Along with encouraging the children to grow in a positive way, I will treat children equally for grading along with providing them with the skills they need in order to achieve the most they can academically.
Classroom Environment I strive for my classroom to be a place where children feel comfortable. In the classroom children should feel comfortable enough to express what is on their mind and how they are feeling when discussing different topics. I want to create a space where every idea is valued. I will do this by doing
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These skills will consist of lifelong lessons taught through activities and experiences that will happen in the classroom. I want the children to learn about the world and the different things that happen each day in order to prepare them for when they are older, so each day, we will spend time learning about current events, bad and good. I would also like them to learn about different behaviors and social skills that will help them to be accepting and amazing people, but also have their own ideas and beliefs on different subjects and know that it is okay and many people will have different views than…show more content…
I believe that students learn best through experiences and hands-on activities. It is my job to show the students what we are learning and why, so through my teaching, they should never question what we are doing. I want my students to come into the classroom each day excited to learn because they know that we are going to be doing something fun and exciting. Although they will be having fun, they will be learning too because I will create lesson plans that are engaging and also very full of content. I want the content and activities to be open in order for the children to make connections. In order to begin a lesson and decide what activities I will do, I will provide a pretest in order to see what the students already know and can do. The pretest will also serve as an intro into what the students will be learning, so they know what we are going to learn and what is expected from them by the end of the
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