Educational Philosophy : Traditional And Progressive Style

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Johnny Driza
Professor Gee
ENG 220
27 February 2017
Educational Philosophy From their initial approaches to their ultimate goal, the traditional and progressive style differ in almost every category. While the progressive style is widespread and used in a greater percentage of the world, both it and its counterpart, progressive education, are rooted in the ides of John Dewey, an American education reformer and philosopher. The traditional style sees school more as a preparation for life and focuses less on the individual more than it does on wave after wave of passive absorbers of information and authority. The progressive style views schooling as a sort of “stepping-stone” in life, a part that we use to further ourselves and our
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The teacher is the source of information and authority and the linear learning that takes place in the program will be regulated by exam results that test on factual accumulation and skill mastery (Bonstingl). There is a set program in which decisions have been administratively made and there is little room to question or ponder the reasons why you are doing something because all that is necessary is memory and eventual recitation. Success in this type of style is determined through attaining higher scores than one’s peers through achieving the most correct answers on a given assessment. This type of approach does a great deal in terms of aiding the growth of the student’s crystallized intelligence, specifically with regards to their linguistic and logical-mathematical capabilities (Coe, Higgins, Aloisi, & Elliot). It is rooted in old studies that have found that learning is aided the most by asking questions over and over and spacing out practice to simultaneously prepare a student for an upcoming exam. The goal of traditional style of teaching is not necessarily to teach and train multiple types of intelligence but rather to indirectly guide the student and have them obtain by-products while studying for academic mastery (Cothran).
In progressive education, the age old teacher-student dynamic is cast aside as the person whom was once known as the sole authority takes more of an aiding and facilitative role. School is a part of life in
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