Educational Planning

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WESTERN MINDANAO STATE UNIVERSITY College of Education Graduate Program Zamboanga City Course Title : EdAd 205 (Educational Planning and Curriculum Development) Course Professor : Dr. Alicia T. Baldicano Topics : EDUCATIONAL PLANNING Background of Educational Planning A. Concepts of Educational Planning a. Basic Ideas and Concepts about Planning b. Nature and Scope of Educational Planning c. Concepts of Educational Planning d. Definition of Educational Planning e. History of Educational Planning in the Philippines Discussant : Joanes C. Ocamia and Ireen C. Lingayan Strategies : a. Mental Warm – up e. Concept Web b. Bubble Quotes f. Circular Bending Flow Chart c. Placemat g. Numbered Heads…show more content…
c. An effort to coordinate the quantitative expansion necessitated by demographic factors and social demand with the qualitative improvement in content, structure, and methods. d. The determination to ensure that the investment in education brings good dividends in the form of fulfilment of manpower needs, the overall development of individual and the national economic, social and cultural development. To ensure the full acceptance and implementation of the plan, persons who are to implement the plan, such as school administrators, supervisors, teachers and other personnel, should participate in the formulation of the plan. Concept of Educational Development The concept of education has undergone a significant change in recent years. It is a common experience that: a. A much wider variety of objectives (national/social/individual) than ever before is expected to be achieved from the function of education; b. What was once available to a limited (elitist) group or privileged persons is now being demanded by increasing number of persons belonging to all sections of the society, c. The tasks of providing educational facilities to all those who seek it is becoming a function beyond the means of private individuals and functions and organizations; and d. An intensive search for strategies for educational development has been urgent. Education is equated broadly
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