Educational Potential Underachievement, And Cultural Pluralism Essay

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The paper, Educational Potential, Underachievement, and Cultural Pluralism by Donald Gillies seeks to address on issue of underachievement in modern educational and political discourse and argues on the critique and views of the discourse of underachievement among researchers in their works. It is also clear from the abstract stated by author that this is important issues as the term of underachievement widely used but highly problematic, masking the ideological assumptions which concern socially constructed, culturally sensitive, subjective, and relative matters.The author starts with introduction to underachievement issue with several views and argument from researchers. Underachievement is one of concern issue of educational in public discourse. According to Whitmore (1980), underachievement have…show more content…
However, there are also several definition of teaching given by various psychologists. Wells (1982) defined teaching as an activities involving teachers to explain, deduce, question, motivate, keep record of students’ works and etc. Edmund Amidon has defined teaching as an interactive process between teacher and students in an activities which involve classroom talk while Greens state that teaching is a task performed by a teacher for the development of a child. Alberta Teachers’ Association (2012) also have defined teaching as a specialized application of knowledge, skills and attributes which have been developed to provide unique service to meet the educational needs in person and society. Basically, the responsibility of the teaching profession is to choose learning activities, provide students with learning opportunities, develop the values and guide them in their social relationship to meet the goals of education in school. That is why the direct interaction between teachers and students plays an important element in

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