Educational Practices in Finland, Canada, and China

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In this paper, it will be looking at the culture and education practices of Finland, Canada, and China. Education varies from country to country as well as does one's culture, lifestyle of the people who live there. In doing so will review their culture and the role of their education policies that are used to motivate schools and teachers to improve student learning along with how their culture plays into learning. Furthermore, children should be taught with respect to their culture. However, we can also learn from one another. In addition, we have similar and different educational practices from one another. Such as when it comes to the Finnish, Canadians, to the Chinese as, we all learn in different environments because of our …show more content…
Ontario has been building and supporting networks of educators throughout their province, and are developing a highly regarded educational system that is becoming known for equity and excellence. In this research of the Canadian school districts, it was determined that they need a faster form for students to practices. Their thought process is that to get a higher enrollment to be able to engage quick learners in advanced content and permit those involved to accelerant their older students by implement content and grade based levels. According to Avis Glaze (2013), “How Ontario spread successful practices across 5,000 schools” states“, when schools assume their role of educating hearts as well as minds; a character development focus can be very helpful in achieving that goal. A good education is holistic in nature, emphasizing knowledge, attitudes, values, behavior, and sensibilities” (Glaze, pg. 47). According to Crapo (2013), “Cultural Anthropology” writes that when it comes to Canada languages they, “maintains two nationally recognized languages, French and English; political speeches and advertising must be carried out in both” (sec.4.7).
China is considered that of a third World County and their culture is deep in beliefs and customs with rules. In addition, China is located on the eastern Asia bordering Afghanistan, the major culture there is that of Han
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