Educational Preparation Essay

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Educational Preparation Aaron Elmshaeuser Grand Canyon University Professional Dynamics NRS-430V-0101 Tracy Chesney October 7, 2012 Education Preparation A registered Nurse can graduate from one of 2 main programs of education and include (ADN) associate degree nursing or (BSN) baccalaureate degree nursing. Both have similarities and differences. Both must take a state board exam of questions that are user specific to gauge whether the student nurse has enough knowledge to go professionally. Both programs hold the mandatory minimum knowledge in order to provide efficient and safe healthcare. But which one is better? Does one program have an advantage over the other? The ADN nurse performs as an entry-level nurse or as a…show more content…
I come in with basic knowledge and the BSN nurses that I work with not only have experience but most if not all have that edge on me to deal with the family, look at the big picture and have the leadership skills necessary to conduct a fully functional unit and a calmness about them that tells you they can handle every kind of situation. A situation I can think clearly of is when I had a change in condition in one of my patients and coded, I could deal with the basics that I was taught in nursing school like CPR, calling for help, calling for Code Blue, IV access but I was incapable of dealing with the family who was at the time hysterical about their loved one impeding the process of resuscitation. The BSN nurse that responded to the code and was assisting in dealing with the family and calming them down and getting them out of the room and speaking with them in a rational manner. The other BSN nurse that responded to the code was able to orchestrate a successful Code Blue by delegating the other team members to take certain roles, 2-3 people doing CPR, 1-2 running errands, 1 recorder, 1 administering medications, 1 staying with the family, Respiratory therapy focusing on airway, and the bedside nurse explaining history and situation to the MD. The BSN nurse was able to pull all facets of the healthcare team into one
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