Educational Preparedness

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Nursing is a widely respected and greatly needed occupation in our country today. Healthcare is constantly growing and evolving. Registered Nurses are a vital part of the existence of all communities. Nurses are required not only at inpatient hospital settings, but in schools, offices, community health settings, nursing homes, administration, and the list goes on! Despite both baccalaureate and associate prepared nurses taking the same board exam to practice nursing, educational advancement can contribute to the care of patients in all of these settings and aide in a more optimal outcome. The bachelors- prepared programs educate students on all the same topics as an associate- prepared program does. However BSN programs teach in further…show more content…
Over the course of the following three days, preparation for discharge is in order. The difference between a bachelor prepared nurse and an associate level nurse is creating an individualized plan of care. The assigned nurse prepares to educate the patient on worsening infection and hygiene promotion. A written copy of signs and symptoms of infection are administered to the patient and family. Due to the area of the wound, the nurse educates a family member on wound care and dressing changes. The nurse requires that the family member return a demonstration to prove understanding of the task. The bachelor level nurse acknowledges the need for follow up care in the home setting. This nurse utilizes a discharge planner and recommends a home health nurse to follow up on wound care. The nurse acknowledges that the patient was septic during his hospitalization and requires extra attention in preventing further illness. An associate level nurse may not discharge a patient to the degree of a higher educated RN. They may not collaborate with other health care workers and may not utilize the assistance available for the patient. As stated in Essential VII (2008), the baccalaureate prepared nurse “used information and communication technologies in preventive care.” New York and New Jersey are currently the only two states proposing to legislators to mandate a baccalaureate degree. Being a New York State resident, I support the proposal to mandate nurses a baccalaureate degree
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