Educational Problems in Egypt

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Educational Problems in Egypt Egypt has the most significant educational system in the (MENA); Middle East and North Africa according to the Human Development Index (HDI). Although the educational system had been developing hastily since the beginning of the 1990s, Egypt had been continuously facing serious and accumulated problems in education. An exploding population, an increasing poverty, low literacy rates, drastic injustice in schools qualities; schools in urban areas where the rich can pay for education are better than other schools in different areas, Low teaching salaries and inconsistent funding for the educational system by the government, all led to a decreasing educational quality mainly in the most essential and…show more content…
This raises a lot of questions about the true meaning of literacy, about the Egyptian educational system and its efficiency, and why there is such a problem with literate people’s creativity, imagination and their lack of participation in finding a solution in their own country’s educational problem. The injustice in schools qualities is another factor that affects education in Egypt. Private Schools are more developed and less crowded compared to public schools. Crowded public classrooms usually hold as many as 100 students, therefore, the students of public schools receive less individual attention compared to private school students, this makes teachers spend more time keeping their class quiet and attentive than actually teaching. The educational problem in public schools multiplies due to the lack of scientific laboratories, computer equipments, and absence of facilities. The high rate of violence and student dropout is another educational problem of public schools. It is due to the fact that public schools accept all students without considering their behavior or talent. But in case of private schools, they select students according to specific standards, as a consequence, resulting in a safer environment. Low teaching salaries signify a major cause of the educational system
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