Educational Program Lecture For Adults Based On Classroom Teacher Performance

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This is an observation report on an educational program lecture for adults based on classroom teacher performance. The lecture was delivered by a very skillful teacher. The teacher effectively stimulated the class, by respecting the diversity of the learning environment, the diversity of the class, stayed focused on the lecture, contexts and class objectives. The heart and soul of the lecture was the teacher’s rapport with the students, delivery, audio-visual, video, diversity and interaction between the teacher and students. The teacher realized that learning is dependent on the learner as an individual, and how credible and authentic the teacher’s lecturer is to the person. The teacher evoked the emotions and curiosity in the students to ‘stretch’ their minds using critical thinking, keeping them focused and engaged. The teacher demonstrated the golden rule, “Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, and tell them what you’ve told them,” (Brookfield, 2015, p.80). The teacher introduced the objectives, explained the topic, and recapped the lecture. Keywords: teacher, lecture, rapport, audio-visual, classroom environment, respect, interaction OBSERVATION OF AN EDUCATION PROGRAM Before I observed the teacher’s Classical Mythology class, I looked up information about Classical Mythology and demigods during that century. I received the teacher’s Course Syllabus (see Appendix A), Class Schedule, (see Appendix B), CLAS2481.Fall.2016: Quiz 1, (see Appendix C).
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