Educational Psychology : a Tool for Effective Teaching

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Summary Santrock
Chapter 1“Educational Psychology : A Tool for Effective Teaching” Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental process. Educational Psychology is the branch of psychology that specializes in understanding teaching and learning in educational settings.
Historical Background The field of educational psychology was founded by several pioneers in psychology in the late ninteenth century just before the start of the twentieth century. Three pioneers – Wiliam James, John Dewey and E. L. Thorndike – stand out in the early history of educational psychology.
William James James argued that laboratory psychology experiments often can’t tell us how to effectively teach children. He emphasized the importance of
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The cognitive revolution in psychology began to take hold by the 1980s and ushered in a greatdeal of enthusiasm for applying the concepts of cognitive psychology (memory, thinking, reasoning, and so on) to helping student learn.

Teaching : Art and Science
As a scince, educational psychology's aim is to provide you with research knowledge that you can effectively apply to teaching situation (Mayer, 2008; Schunk, 2008). But your teaching will still remain an art. In addition to what you can learn from research, you will also continually make important judgements in the classroom based on your personal skills and experiences, as well as the accumulated wisdom of other teacher (Hall, Quinn, and Gollnick, 2008)

Effective teaching
Teachers must master a variety of perspectives and strategies and be flexible in their application. This requiret two key ingredients : (1) professional knowledge and skills, and (2) commitment and motivation.

Professional Knowledge and Skills
Effective tacher have good command of their subject matter and a solid core of teaching skills, they have excellent instructional strategies supported by methods of goal setting, instructional planning and classroom management. They know how to motivate, communicate, and work effectively with students who have different levels of skills and come from culturally diverse backgrounds. Effective teacher also
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