Educational Significance Of A Good Film

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Since 1895,when the first film of the world which named ‘Exiting The Factory’ came out, there are plenty of films began to have much profound impact on people’s daily life. With the large number of films’ production, the relationship between people and films is increasingly close. Nowadays, films are not only as the entertaining role for people, sometimes they also help people in many professional areas. The most important thing is that people also can learn some ethic information from some films. This essay will discuss it is important that a good film should have educational significance as well as entertaining values. People love comedy films, at the same time comedy movies also can educate people in some areas. According to the result of a survey which named ‘Our Favorite Genres To See In The Theatre’ in 2012 (Meyler.D,2013) , comedy was ranked second, and it can prove that people tend to watch comedies in leisure time because of the fact that it can relieve their stress. In general, a good comedy not only provides the entertainment to people but also have some educational values. A good example of this is the film which named “Four Weddings And A Funeral”, it was directed by Mike Newell in 1994. He is a brilliant British director and producer. “From his 1994 U.S. breakout with Four Weddings And A Funeral through his turn at helming a ‘Harry Potter’ movie with ‘Goblet Of Fire’ in 2005, director Mike Newell has led an incredibly eclectic film career following nearly a
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