Educational System : Is Improving Just Because The Percentage Has Increased Through The Years? Essay

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Educational system
Intro: Many feel that the educational system in Fresno is improving just because the percentage has increased through the years but I feel that the educational system in Fresno is failing our students. Everyone could tell based on how you felt about school throughout the years. If you enjoyed school as a child but felt a little iffy throughout the years because you started to notice the lack of motivation in class by the teacher or the lack of entertainment you receive in class.But if you hated school as a child that probably means you hated know.
Premise 1: Throughout the whole Fresno unified districts we constantly see an increase of students joining one of our beautiful schools across the district, to some people this may seem like a good thing but for the teachers and the students this could be a issue. Because of all the new students joining the schools the size of the students in a classroom will increase which lead to a overcrowded room. Due to this overcrowded room many of the students will not get the attention they need to pass or understand the class. Schools like Central East High schools which have 4,149 students attending their school and sunnyside which have 2,800 students on their campus. Due to this classes being overcrowded the schools will be forced to assignments new teachers and some of these students will not like this because these teachers will know how to successfully teach their students. And because the schools are
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