Educational System Reform

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Educational System Reform
The education system in the United States undoubtedly needs reform. The country's educational system was at one time the envy of the world, yet today it has slipped to mediocre at best. Although most people agree that the system needs reform, there are a wide variety of different ideas about how to do so. Some call for privatization of the system, other believe standardization is the proper route, and still others call for more liberalization and resources be devoted to the system similar to some other countries such as Finland. Although many other systems around the world have shown remarkable results, simply mimicking these systems' may not show the same results in the U.S. due to cultural or other differences. Therefore, the different ideas regarding educational reform have been highly polarizing and also subject to different ideological perspectives. This analysis will briefly present some of the themes and perspectives that are involved in this critical debate.
The Romanticism of Education
Charles Murray makes some powerful claims regarding the roots or the foundation for the crisis in education. He believes that Educational romanticism consists of the belief that just about all children who are not doing well in school have the potential to do much better and that educational romantics believe that the academic achievement of children is determined mainly by the opportunities they receive. However, as opposed to the view of
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