Educational Technology II Book Answers

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Lesson 1: A Review of Educational Technology 1
Self-Help: Fill-in the graphic organizer to summarize learning outcomes derived from Ed. Tech. I.
Learning Outcomes of ET 1

1. Discuss the disparity in educational technology advancement in schools of industrialized First World country (such as the U.S., England, Japan, Singapore, Australia) and a developing country, namely the Philippines. - As stated, these countries are industrialized, giving them the privilege of having technological advancements they utilize in their education. Although there is a big difference in the approach of education between first world countries and developing countries such as ours, we can still cope up by being more creative in
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- As future teachers of this new generation, these skills are vital in teaching. We must cope up with them, and having sufficient knowledge on the computer gives us the capacity to reach out to these students. Courses such as these will educate us in manipulating computers and other gadgets for personal use, and also to relate to these students.

2. From those who have done internet surfing/searching/reading, what do the websites offer users? - Websites are pages that can be manipulated in the World Wide Web. There are websites that provides information, such as Wikipedia and, while there are those that provide students online activities. Websites such as these can be very helpful to students when incorporated into the lesson well. These provide students fun ways to learn, stimulating many senses, and also giving a chance for all learners of different intelligence.

3. Do you think there are enough websites for educational purposes? Do you think there are many users of educational websites? - In my opinion, most users of these websites are teachers, or students with assignments wherein they are tasked to access these sites. For many young people today, using the computer means using social medias, playing RPGs, browsing for pictures or videos, etc., with only a small time allotted for doing assignments by researching. And more often than not, they are more interested in
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