Educational Trends Shape The Classrooms

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Educational trends shape the classrooms throughout the world. From desegregation to inclusion of special needs students to student and teacher accountability, it seems as though the system is endlessly evolving. The United States of America has a history of the wanting to be the best but the education system has been tormenting the powers that be since it’s inception. Thus the need for constant reform is the only sensible outcome. Continuously, as a country we’ve fallen short of the top, but there has to be an answer, right? Of course there is and it lies in teaching smarter, not harder according to school administrators and districts. As most teachers know, these can be one in the same with the availability of data to drive instruction and the need to individualize that instruction. Ultimately, the stars must align on those crucial days of the standardized tests, as the students strive to put it all together to see how they match up with the rest of the world. Matching up has created a major issue in the Education community because it has raised a question about teaching to the test and the implications of those actions. Fortunately, the Government has found the answer as always, and began its implementation of the Common Core State Standards in 2009 (Common Core State Standards Initiative, n.d.). It appears that these standards have been the soul mate educators have been looking for to unlock the mystery that is necessary for learning and performance to be aligned. Indeed
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