Education's Role in Trinidad and Tobago Essay

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Education and schooling has always played a pivotal role in the development of societies the world over and specifically in the context of Trinidad and Tobago. Education and schooling in this country as in any other is an investment in citizens that will reap benefits for all through research and innovation, physical and social mobility, improved opportunities and health. Though the exam – driven nature of our system makes it different from North America (Lochan 2005), education remains the means through which we can demonstrate how, as a people we are dependent on each other as we attempt to build communities in which we can live harmoniously despite our cultural differences. This writer’s interpretation of the statement is that in a…show more content…
Others hold the view that it encourages divisiveness rather than unity, urging people to identify with their own category rather than would the nation as a whole” Nasser Mustapha (2007 p.85). The implications for citizenship rest in education and schooling. We tend to show greater appreciation for the homeland off our ancestors. It is Mustafa [2007] who states that colonialism and the advent of a plantation system has influenced the development of culture and identity in this Caribbean society. Carl Campbell (1997) posits that we inherited an English model of education which highlighted its values and habits.
The pre-independence era was characterized by the predominance off the imperialist’s values, attitudes and mores. Independence however brought with it a struggle for the development our own free state and a sense off identity. The implication here focuses around governing ourselves, developing laws, choosing representatives and leaders who are expected to lead us to a new horizon but this relies on the development of education and schooling which has been resilient and has survived all efforts at change (Trinidad Express, 2002. 13). We need to rely on our own resources and not entertain the belief that what is foreign is better. Trinidad can be considered a developing nation based on the history of its diverse cosmopolitan people who over the years have been formed, reformed and transformed into

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