Educator and Human Rights Activist, William Edward Burghardt Du Bois

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There comes a point and time in history when certain individuals excel and stand out above their peers. They fight for humanity and justice as if the hope for tomorrow has started to slip away. They personally take blame and are ridiculed for their beliefs but this does not hamper their efforts as it only gives them more ambition to be heard. As you will see in this paper there is one individual that not only stood for human rights but he stood for a culture that has been repressed for centuries. Born on February 23, 1868 in Great Barrington, Massachusetts William Edward Burghardt Du Bois’s official job titles were to include educator, civil rights activist and journalist (Bolden, 2008). He was known as a social reformer to the psychology …show more content…

This story, while hard to believe because of the scenario does represent what he stood behind all of his years. His story is a real basic psychological theory that so simple to follow and understand. His ideology was that it comes to the choice of the individual to discriminate, hate and be racists because it is a personal choice not a biological one. His journalistic background enabled him to use his writing talents to help try and shift the socio and politico-economic settings that had been long in place in our society.
As a skilled writer/scientist he wrote about a study called the, “Suppression” that studied the slave trade and in 1896 it was published allowing Du Bois to speak to the world about ending racism and how that evil, if stopped, could have prevented the civil war (Lewis, 1993). He was able to gather documented material to build a very impressive study on how this era had become so damaging to the American culture and added fuel to racism that was now a commonplace. Another great achievement that Du Bois had accomplished was the writing of his study, “The Philadelphia Negro”, in which he was asked to study the Seventh Ward. This area was the poorest of Philadelphia and the city was blaming the African Americans that were living there for giving the city a bad reputation (Bolden, 2008). The results

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