Educators and Their Influence on German Youth Leading Up to the Holocaust

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Bailey Q. Elwood 4-15-10 PLS 240 Educators and Their Influence on German Youth Leading Up to the Holocaust Teaching is a profession that is very influential. I.L. Kandel describes how education is an instrument of social control and he was right. When Adolf Hitler came into the power of Germany the entire educational system tried to transform the youth into non-Aryan hating, militaristic, strong, and very obedient members of the Nazi society. If a government can control the educational system, it can most likely control society a lot more easily. However, some of the nationalistic views that many of the main Nazis had were brought to them during World War I in the classroom. Many classrooms celebrated the military aspect of war…show more content…
In much of the youth literature being read, war and the maculate German soldier was the dominate image and ideal German teachers wanted to present. The youth of Germany often wanted to imitate soldiers in Germany, which could have been initiated by school and the press. They wanted to achieve the hero status the school built up and they replicated it in their daily play. The buttons on their school uniforms would be used to symbolize military rank. During the beginning of World War I, teachers and the press allowed and praised children who played war games in the streets. Students even went as far as making props, having patrols, making huge graves for their “dead”, uniforms, paper helmets with feathers, tents, swords, battery walls, barbed water, sketches of battlefields, paper arrows, black crosses for German airplanes, Red Cross nurses, among other realistic war imitations that further gave students the wanting to go to war. Soldiers and the army were definitely emphasized and idealized among students during this time, and it was teachers and also the press who emphasized this idealism and let the students want to idealize the soldiers and the German Army. It is true that children have been playing war games is nothing new, but some adults were concerned about the degree the children were playing these games and there were some injuries (Anson, 351). Labor is a task that in later Nazi

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