Edward Albee 's Who 's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf

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Big Illusions Bring Big Endings Act three of Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is called the Exorcism, however it would be better suited as a title for the play as a whole. As there are two couples both hiding behind illusions, the goal of the play is to rid them of those lies. Honey and Nick, the young guests have a facade to cover up their marital problems. George and Martha have a lie that is not meant to be seen by anyone. In both cases, the play is set to stop at nothing to take down everything, leaving them with nothing but the truth to deal with. The illusion made by Nick and Honey is very public. Meaning, their facade is made to give off the sense of happiness and success required to make it in american society. This…show more content…
The problem with this is that her husband is unaware of her taking these pills. Honey catches Nick as he thinks that she is unable to conceive, due to her slim hips. The truth of the matter comes out when Honey confesses to George after her drunken nap on the bathroom floor. Crying and screaming “I...don’t...want...any...children. I’m afraid! I don’t want to be hurt…(176)” where George realizes that Nick has no idea of her distaste for motherhood. However he never does get the chance to reveal the truth to her husband. Nick, who sits, listening to Martha’s story about her son, still has no idea because Honey cries out that she wants a child, and he takes it as common behaviour. Honey, even in a very drunk state, and barely audible knows that she needs to keep up with her lie and doesn’t let her confession to George get in the way of that. Nick, on the other side of Honey’s illusion, has a lie of his own. The reason he married her was not the intense love and passion they had, since they never really did feel that. It was because he had thought that he had gotten his childhood sweetheart pregnant. Surely to Honey’s pleasure it was a false alarm. However there was a plus, Nick was not a fool to marry her, as she comes from money. His father-in-law “was a man of the Lord (108)”. Honey’s father was a preacher, a famous one at that, and he travelled the world spreading God’s word and getting money for it. The money from God
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