Edward Bernay 's Crystallizing Public Opinion

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Edward Bernay’s “Crystallizing Public Opinion” gives readers an insight on public relations and public opinions on its history and how it came about. The text was broken up into four different parts: scope and functions, the group and herd, technique and method, and lastly ethical relations. Each parts has certain chapter topics leads to the next which leads to the next parts of the book. The text is very helpful for those who are in public relations, I would not say the book was easy nor difficult, it was more in between. There are some chapters that are pretty lengthy compared to others and there will be names mentioned in a few chapters that can be a little confusing. Overall, it is best for people to know about the history of PR and…show more content…
Mr. Bernay mention Judge Cardozo of the Court of Appeals of the State of New York, as an example that judges go through different cases a day and having to decide to pick one. How I see that example is that as PR field, no matter what clients we get, we can have a choice to help them or not. Same goes for judges while they decide on a case to work on. Therefore Bernay gives us three tendencies of fundamental importance’s. Tendency number one, “increase public interest in industrial aggregations” (Bernay, 1923, p. 66). The first tendency basically tells PR practitioners that it is important to keep their clients and public happy. They need to find a way to make themselves stay relevant and keeping up with what the public want. Second tendency “the increased readiness of the public, due to spread of literacy and democratic forms of government” (Bernay, 1923, p. 66). News spread out like wildfires, when a controversy happens within the government or entertainment industry, public relations has to keep up with it and put that fire out, or else people will keep on misunderstanding and demanding information. Lastly tendency three, “keen competition for public favor due to modern methods of ‘selling’” (Bernays, 1923. P 66). The public relations field is as competitive like every other career fields out there. To be a good practitioner you need to have networking and being able to handle any sort situations, that is what will keep you high in the competition.

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