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Edward Bernays is often referred to as the father of public relations. Does he deserve this title?

This essay will consist what Edward Bernays and Ivy Lee had to offer to the world in regards to PR with historical reference. The essay will then come to a conclusion whether Bernays deserves the title Father of Public Relations.
According to Stuart Ewan (1996) at the start of 1910’s Bernays was the most significant pioneer of American Public Relations. Even though his biography was not very popular, he was a vital part of the reason of the configuration of the present world.
Bernays was born in Vienna 1891; according to Stuart Ewan (1996) Sigmund Freud was Bernays uncle. His family background astonished him and gave him a vast amount
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He also told India that America had a stereotypical idea of their country being the home of snake charmers and sacred cows, and if they wanted to be known they should add the bill of rights to their constitution. And after paying his fee after three days they added the bill of rights to their constitution.
According Mark Pack.2009. [Online]In 1906 Ivy Lee created and issued the first press release. This was created after a very big Railroad accident in the US Pennsylvania. There were wrong statements being made about the accident so Ivy Lee made a Press Release for photographer and journalist and even got them a train to travel to the scene of the accident. According to Princeton University Library. 1997. [Online] In 1908 Ivy Lee was in charge of the Publicity Bureau with Pennsylvania Railroads after publishing the press release.
According to Michael Turney.2000. [Online] In 1906 Ivy Lee circulated the Declaration of Principle to the media. The reason they distributed the declaration was because there was too much manipulated news coverage and incorrect stories. These are some of the extracts of the Declaration from Michael Turney.2000. [Online] : “In Brief, our plan is frankly, and openly, on behalf of business concerns and public institutions, to supply the press and public of the United States prompt and accurate information concerning subjects which it is of value and interest to the public to know about”.
Iv came to the Conclusion that Edward

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