Edward Burtynsky China Analysis

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have been a professional photographer and cinematographer for the past four years, and in that time I have heard Edward Burtynsky’s name come up in passing. I was ecstatic to finally see some of his work, but honestly I was met with nothing more than disappointment. I know I am probably going to be the only person who takes a negative stance on this subject, but I can’t lie when it comes to photography. I cannot help but look at Burtynsky’s work from a technical standpoint, and I have yet to find a single picture a teenager couldn’t have easily taken with their smartphone; given the same accommodations. In my personal opinion, a “professional” photographer must have mastered both light and composition… both of which he really falls short on.…show more content…
The China project contained what I consider to be his best work, including my favorite image “Old Factories #6”. Compositionally this is hands down his best image. He uses the edges of the different pieces of metal as leading lines, in order to grab the audience’s attention and direct their eyes to the center of the frame. The image is also rich with texture. You can see how rough and beat down the metal is… it almost seems as if you could scratch the golden brown rust right off the metal. I am usually against a lack of color in a color image, but in this particular case I think I works quite well. The varying tones of the same shade of brown helps the image achieve a sense of unity. There also seems to be a distinct rhythm and movement to the image as a result of the curved metal sheets playing off one another. Being one of the main industrial hubs of the world, I think China is extremely relevant to Burtynsky’s work and his audience really need to see what is going on in the world. While the images tend to highlight the effects of industrialization in a somewhat negative light… his images still serve to show everyone just how far we have really come as a
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