Edward Cullen's Life And Life

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Case Study Edward Cullen is a 17 year old Caucasian male. Edward is very tall, lanky, and attractive and has golden eyes. He was born in the year 1901 to Edward and Elizabeth Masen in Chicago Illinois. Edward had a good childhood and was very close to his parents, however they passed away in Edwards’s teenage years and he spent a unknown amount of time in an orphanage. At the age of 17 he contracted the Spanish Influenza. On his deathbed Edward was visited by one of the hospitals benefactors named Carlisle Cullen who turned him into a vampire to save his life. His new family includes six other people who are all vampires. Carlisle is the leader of the family, his wife is named Esme and their children are Edward, Rosalie, Emmet, Alice and Jasper. Edward currently attends Forks high school and excels in academics and sports, although he does not participate in any sports at school. Edward has been referred to myself because his teachers believe that Edward has suicidal ideations and is suffering from depression. Edward strengths are very clear he excels in academic and athletics. Although there are no exact references of these strengths, these are the strength that have been reported. Edwards has support from his five family members and his girlfriend Bella. Edward feels as though he cannot survive without her, he is clinging on to her for emotional support. Edward is so attached to here she feels smothered with his love. Edwards’s family members all have a close…
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