Edward Deming's Improving The Quality Of Service Quality

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Edward Deming contributed to the success in improving the quality in the workplace. His ideas became the framework and foundation of different organizations, businesses, and institutions. All of them envision to serve their customers as best as they can and give the kind of service that will increase productivity. According to Deming, “A system is in harmony when subsystems are not in conflict with one another.” Based on this statement, everyone in the workplace must have a good foundation, working harmoniously, and try to reach out the goal of their organization to give the best service that they can render to their customers. Along Dewing’s teachings about the quality of services, there are other factors that help in maintaining the…show more content…
Third, for opportunities, these are the elements that will help some improvement and changes to the system such as new trainings and workshops for the staffs and more staff involvements in and outside the laboratory. Lastly for the threats, these are the internal and external sources of competitions like turnaround time, unhappy patients and opposition to change.
These criteria will help the laboratory and the staffs to formulate their strategies and the quality of their services. After formulating the SWOT analysis, the supervisor and the head department can use the lean six sigma project to solve their problem. This system uses the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) Framework and also focuses on eliminating wastes and non-valuable work in time and resources. According to Sadyadi, “The application of Lean Six Sigma in the clinical laboratory has proven to be beneficial by enhancing quality services and meeting regulatory requirements that specifically identify the need for adequate work space and reduction of laboratory errors” (Sadyadi 2013). This statement describes that using strategies in the clinical laboratory will help to increase the type of services they render for customers’ satisfaction. Using a strategy like the lean six sigma helps them to create the appropriate action to solve their existing problem. The supervisor can watch the video from the last two months to see the existing problem that they
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