Edward Deming's Improving The Quality Of Service Quality

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Edward Deming contributed to the success in improving the quality in the workplace. His ideas became the framework and foundation of different organizations, businesses, and institutions. All of them envision to serve their customers as best as they can and give the kind of service that will increase productivity. According to Deming, “A system is in harmony when subsystems are not in conflict with one another.” Based on this statement, everyone in the workplace must have a good foundation, working harmoniously, and try to reach out the goal of their organization to give the best service that they can render to their customers. Along Dewing’s teachings about the quality of services, there are other factors that help in maintaining the harmony in the workplace like communication, leadership, and professionalism.
Laboratories or any facilities always aim to serve and perform their task to the fullest for patients’ satisfaction. A laboratory might begin their strategic plan with a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis as a foundation of their service quality system. For strengths, this will show the good aspects and contribute to the mission of the laboratory. Their strength may comprise of the following: laboratory has well trained and flexible technologists, a good information collection system. Second, for weakness, this are the factors that will impede the management and laboratory technologists’ achievements such as: funding is not enough, and…
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