Edward Dunlop's Childhood

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Edward ‘weary’ Dunlop had a degree in medics and helped serve Australia in World War II. He got his nickname ‘weary’ during his initiation ceremony at Melbourne University. Ernest Edward Dunlop was born 12 July 1907, in Wangaratta, Australia. Edward grew up on his father’s farm at Sheepwash Creek. His parents were James and Alice Dunlop, and he was the younger brother of Alan Dunlop.

What influenced Edward Dunlop during his childhood?
During his childhood, his mother, Alice, was diagnosed with puerperal fever, which meant that she had a high risk of passing during the birth of a child. In addition, his mother spent most of his childhood in a private hospital.
Edward found interest listening to the tales told by his great grandfather. He would attentively listen to the stories of his great grandfather and four other family members who volunteered to serve the King of India during World War II.
Overall, Edward was exposed to a life of privation and finding his own entertainment.

What was Edmund’s school life like?
He attended Benalla High School in Wangaratta. He had a strong work ethic and was at the top of all his classes. He finished his studies at the age
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In Java, he helped treat wounded and allied troops at the Bandung hospital. When Java fell to the Japanese, Dunlop refused to leave his patients, so the Japanese army captured him. He was then shipped to Singapore and on 20 January 1943, he was driven to Thailand on a crowded rice truck. Under forced labor, the prisoners had to build a railway line from Burma to Siam (Now known as Myanmar and Thailand). The railway is over 421 km long and an estimated 100,000 lives were lost whilst building it. Dunlop went to Thailand in charge of ‘Dunlop Force’ so he could treat the wounded and sick people under labor. Many times he put his life at risk and stood up to the Japanese captors who harmed the weak builders. Dunlop recorded his experiences in his

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