Edward Hopper's 'The Woman In The Sun'

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In a large and unusually plain blue bedroom, a naked woman stands comfortably with a cigarette in hand. She appears in her thirties, with a toned body and blonde hair accentuating her beauty. Positioned with her side to the viewer, she stands in the sun, which shines yellow through an unseen window; her shadow reaches well beyond view as all that can be seen of it are her legs. To her back left, a white pillow and blue comforter sit on an unmade bed, which lies on a brown bedpost. Above the small bed, the edge of a painting is visible- purple colors within a brown frame. Underneath, her black heeled shoes lie on the green floor. At the foot end of her bed, there is a nook in the wall with an open window. A white window drape hangs in the corner, exposing the blue sky and green hills outside.…show more content…
Much smaller than the first, the subject is unrecognizable. All that can be seen is brown colors, a white border, and a brown frame. After allowing the image to consume the mind, the eye travels to the “Object Label.” Edward Hopper painted “The Woman In the Sun” in 1961, when his wife, the model, was seventy eight years old. Naturally, the viewer refers back to the painting, but again views the beautiful young woman. The label continues to explain, “but Hopper transformed her, like the rest of the scene, according to his own internal vision rather than faithfully adhering to realistic detail.” (Whitney Museum of American Art) Although this painting is not truthfully how she looked this day, it is how Hopper views her, so is it really
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