Edward Jones Research Paper

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“Almost all spectaculator adventures don’t start out with an application and an insurance waiver.” Edward Jones. My father always said this quote he was a very rich man but look where I have turned out to be on this god forsaken ship. I am a fisherman not rich but not very poor I work very hard for my pay checks but fishing is a very hard business. Today is the first of November 1632, We have been at sea for the last 2 months on one of the most luxurious boats of the time we have started to run low on food and low on water but that has not keep our spirits down. Jason my best friend is the Captain the marvelous ship, he is a rookie but he is still the best Captain that I have ever seen with my own two eyes. Almost half of the crew dislike the new Captain but I could never see why he thinks of the crew before himself and always take everybody's advice in consideration. But we could all forget about that we just have a long journey ahead of us.…show more content…
When where 20 miles out from the docks and this was urgent so we had the lifeboat unstrapped and set over the rail then out of nowhere the rope snapped and the boat went tumbling off the boat, we were doomed. At least an hour later the boat started to sink more and more people started to freak out that they would not make it back to the docks and the boat jerked down and three people hit their heads on the sails so we stopped the boat the attempt to fix the boat. Meanwhile multiple crew mates were planning to overthrow the captian. When the captian found out of the over throwing he had the men execuated on the deck of the ship and pushed into the water, sharks soon got them if they did not die. Two larger boats where araving on our loaction to save us all and as we halped they stop to allowed us to join them untill they make it to their first location, and soon we were safe on land
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