Edward Koch and AIDS in New York City Essay example

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Edward Koch was an American politician, lawyer and movie critic. He served in the United States of America House of Representatives from 1969-1977 and became the Mayor of New York City 1977. He was the 105th mayor of New York City and is considered one of the best mayors of New York City because he is credited with helping New York enter a period of fiscal prominence. Mayor Koch was considered to be very pro-gay and pro-lesbian rights but is thought to have majorly fumbled the handling of the AIDS epidemic while in office which some still have not forgiven him for. He is credited for shutting down the New York City gay bathhouses and straight sex clubs like Plato’s Retreat in response to the AIDS epidemic, which was significant in the…show more content…
Though incurable, there is medication that can be used to help an infected person live a relatively normal life, but the medication is extremely expansive. Thus the number one prevention method is education. The United States government’s response to the entire disease in a medical, social and economic way were consider major failures as millions were left to suffer without support. Unlike today, where one can search the Internet to learn about their disease and how to handle it, back in 1980’s and 1990’s people were being infected and given no guidance from the government on how to handle it. This caused great fear in Americans and many misconceptions about the disease started to develop. People were unaware that the disease could only transfer through the contact of bodily fluids so people with AIDS were socially exiled out of fear that they might infect others. Thus this disease affected the gay community that was already stigmatized by society more than any other single demographic of people. New York City in the early 1980’s was a city on the rise. The city had just overcome a major financial crisis in the mid 70’s, new industry was booming and crime-rates were starting to diminish. People were proud of their city as major sports teams were bring in championships, artwork around the city was being installed around the
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