Edward Said States Analysis

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If two cultures are exposed to each other, one is always misunderstood. Cultures clash and one group of people is put underneath the other. A culture wants its community, even its entire state, to be a strongly utopian to their standards. If your culture does not live up to their standard then they drive your culture out and take power over your land. They become the dominant discourse and you become the “other.” Your culture is being diminished and your identity is being taken away. The writer, Edward Said, wrote a text called, States, that strongly display how the Palestinians’ culture is driven out of their homeland and forced to become the “other.”

You could somewhat say that, States, is an autoethnographic text because of how it talks about the experiences of Palestinians while also connecting to wider cultures. Said is Palestinian and he tries his best to tell about his people and their misunderstood culture without being too bias. However, his use of words and pictures did make the text a little bias; giving emotion to the reading of it. Said states, “The whole point of this book is to engage this difficulty, to deny
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What they formerly knew as their home, as Palestine, was destroyed by Israelis and the UN. Palestinians had their identity and culture ripped away from them. They were dehumanized. After their dislocation, Palestinians had to “carve a path for themselves in existence (38).” Though there were a few Israeli Jews who witnessed this and tried to help the Palestinians, it was never enough. Israelis wanted a utopian Jewish state that was homogenous and felt Palestinians were in the way of that. Because of all the Palestinians went through, Palestinians’ way of life can never go back to being the same; their culture can never be like it was before Israel. Their identity is
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