Edward Scissorhands: Commentary on the Social Faults on the American Suburban Environment

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People who live in the suburbs often feel isolated and trapped in their homes and find ways to preoccupy themselves to pass the time. The movie Edward Scissorhands directed by Tim Burton shows several examples of how people live in the suburbs whether they feel isolated, stressed, or try to find ways to spice up their lives. Many view socializing difficult, but it is important to realize people brought together by social gatherings can be relaxing and enjoyable. Edward Scissorhands can be interpreted as commentary on the social faults of the American suburban environment. The suburbs in America can be more united instead of an environment where people hide in their homes. Most housewives that live in the suburbs find themselves bored,…show more content…
People who live in the suburbs should try to socialize more with the neighbors in order to avoid loneliness. It is rare for neighbors to become friends right away in the suburbs of America. For example, in the film most people in the neighborhood tried to avoid the lady who was known as being extremely religious. She was not well liked because this lady often tried to lecture many people of the town telling them they would go to Hell. This shows how neighbors in the suburbs might have big differences and will not get along with each other. Oldenburg states, “The small town taught us that people’s best friends and favorite companions rarely lived right next door to one another” (98). This shows that people who live in the suburbs might not get along in harmony because the differences outweigh the common interests. When judgement it made amongst people, it is usually hard to get along if you cannot get past what you already think of the person. Thus making friends in the suburbs can be a hard task. We must try to be understanding of differences we have when meeting new people. In order to have good relationships with the neighbors, it is important to have good hosting skills. In the film, Peggy finds all her neighbors at her doorstep asking to see Edward, she simply responds by saying that she is busy. The neighbors quickly resolves this by inviting themselves to a barbecue to meet Peggy’s new guest Edward. Once this day arrives, Peggy
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