Edward Scissorhands Essay

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Edward Scissorhands is a 1990 American Romance, Horror, Gothic and fairy tale hybrid film directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp. The film shows the story of an artificial man named Edward, an unfinished creation, who has scissors for hands. Edward is taken in by a suburban family and falls in love with their teenage daughter Kim. Supporting roles are portrayed by Winona Ryder, Dianne Wiest, Anthony Michael Hall, Kathy Baker, Vincent Price, and Alan Arkin. Burton conceived the idea for Edward Scissorhands from his childhood upbringing in suburban Burbank, California. During pre-production of Beetlejuice, Caroline Thompson was hired to adapt Burton's story into a screenplay, and the film began development at 20th Century Fox,…show more content…
She tells her granddaughter that "Sometimes you can still catch me dancing in it." While Edward creates more ice sculptures, a flashback of a young Kim is shown dancing under the snow falling from the angel ice sculpture above her. Cast Johnny Depp - Edward Scissorhands Winona Ryder - Kim Boggs Dianne Wiest - Peg Boggs Anthony Michael Hall - Jim Kathy Baker - Joyce Robert Oliveri - Kevin Alan Arkin - Bill Conchata Ferrell - Helen Caroline Aaron - Marge Dick Anthony Williams - Officer Allen O-Lan Jones - Esmeralda Vincent Price - The Inventor Production Development The genesis of Edward Scissorhands came from a drawing by then teenaged director Tim Burton, which reflected his feelings of isolation and being unable to communicate to people around him in suburban Santa Clarita Valley, California. Burton stated that he was often alone and had trouble retaining friendships. "I get the feeling people just got this urge to want to leave me alone for some reason, I don’t know exactly why". During pre-production of Beetlejuice, Burton hired Caroline Thompson, then a young novelist, to write the Edward Scissorhands screenplay as a spec script. Burton was impressed with her short novel, First Born, which was "about an abortion that came back to life". Burton felt First Born had the same psychological elements he wanted to showcase in Edward Scissorhands. Shortly after Thompson's hiring, Burton
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