Edward Snowden Biography Essay

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Edward Snowden was born in Elizabeth City, N.C., in the year of 1983. He was first introduced to the Law Enforcement field as his father, Lonnie, was a Coast Guard Officer; similarly, his mother, Wendy, was a federal court employee. His life turned for the worst as his parents divorced when he was in grade school causing him to move to Baltimore with his mother.
In his high school years, Snowden was not an exceptional student; in fact, he ended up dropping out of Arundel High School when he was a sophomore. This time was not wasted though, Snowden found a great interest in computer sciences which led to him teaching himself the science with the use of forums and friends. Furthermore, Snowden attended courses in Anne Arundel Community College, where he took copious amounts of courses. As a result, he was able to attain his G.E.D after passing the test which gave him equal credentials to a high school diploma.
When Snowden was in his early 20’s, he enlisted in the special forces under the 18-X reserve program. His intention for joining this program was to fight in the Iraq war. During the course of the program, Snowden was forced to abandon it as he broke his leg during one of the training sessions; in other words, he was discharged in the month of September, 2004.. As a result, he was discharged after the fourth month and
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In other words, a theory on Edward Snowden’s course of actions state that his decisions were based off of impulses although he claimed otherwise by mentioning that it was out of concern for public awareness. Nonetheless, Snowden’s decisions led him to be exiled from the U.S. and travel into new territory such as Hong Kong and where he currently lives, Russia. Consequently, if Snowden ever returns to U.S. territory then he is susceptible to face the full consequences for his
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