Edward Snowden: Criminal or Whistleblower?

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Edward Snowden was an employee of a contracting company that works for the NSA when he came across information that would surely change the way Americans, and the world, view the U.S. Government. During his time working for the NSA Snowden discovered the extent of the NSA’s surveillance on the American people and foreign leaders, and became concerned that the American government was going too far in its attempt thwart any terrorist attempts by unjustly invading the privacy of the American people. Snowden took a leave at work under the guise of a medical leave, and left the country for Hong Kong. Here he met up with journalists Glenn Greenwald and Ewen MacAskill, employed by the Guardian, a British newspaper, and documentary maker Laura Poitras. During the interviews Snowden leaked that the U.S. Government had forced the telephone company Verizon to disclose the identities and private information about its customers. He also revealed the existence of a program called Prism which is supposedly a data base composed of numerous data collected from Google, Facebook, Apple and other big names. Through is program, the Guardian has reported, that the GCHQ, the UK equivalent of the NSA, has had access to communication reports of American citizens. Snowden also revealed that the NSA has a built in information analysis tool it uses called Boundless Informant, which analyses all the data that the NSA receives by a country-by-country and program-by-program basis, and records it. After
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