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The Resonating Ring of A Whistle Blower Nathan Sharp COLL148 June 7, 2015 Julie Vanorny DeVry University The Resonating Ring of a Whistle Blower I. Introduction A. Attention-Getter/Hook – Everywhere you go, everything you see, when you are surfing on the web you are being recorded, every click is stored in a database, and that’s only if your just using a search engine. When you are using a social networking site and you send someone a chat message, it stores your IP address of where the message was sent from, essentially telling Facebook, marketers to whom your information is sold, and the other person where you are. B. Background: The project that I have chosen is to make the viewer aware that they are vulnerable on the…show more content…
V. Your own leadership qualities and success traits A. Your personal strengths as a leader (based on assessments in course) * 1. What you learned about yourself from these assessments 2. How these strengths can help you be successful 3. Your plan for employing these strengths B. Your areas of weakness that may get in the way of your success * 1. The positive changes you need to make in order to resolve weaknesses 2. Your plan for resolving these weaknesses VI. Conclusion A. Identify and re-state the main idea B. Wrap up your ideas C. Provide a specific action step you will take to continue your journey to success References TOXEN, B. (2014). The NSA and Snowden: Securing the All-Seeing Eye. Communications Of The ACM, 57(5), 44-51. doi:10.1145/2594502 PREIBUSCH, S. (2015). Privacy Behaviors After Snowden. Communications Of The ACM, 58(5), 48-55. doi:10.1145/2663341 MOORE, M. (2014). RIP RIPA? Snowden, Surveillance, and the Inadequacies of our Existing Legal Framework. Political Quarterly, 85(2), 125-132.

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