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Edward Snowden Hiren Shyani BUS/275 July 01, 2013 Velonta Adams Abstract Edward Snowden, commonly known as the whistle-blower is the most discussed topic in the country from last month. According to the Merriam’s online dictionary, whistle-blower, (n.d.) means, “one who reveals something covert or who informs against another.”(, n.d.). Analyze the reliability, credibility, and validity of the data used by the author. Data used in the article retrieved from the Washington Times, Snowden has been called more of a traitor instead of the whistle-blower. The author has written different articles before, and is reliable. Information used in the article does seem a little biased towards the author’s personal point of view…show more content…
“When you join the military, work for the government, or government contractors, you give up some of your rights and freedoms. If you are entrusted with security clearances and access to classified materials, you give up even more rights and freedoms. These rights and freedoms are not taken from you. You voluntarily give them up. If you violate the trust put into you, you deserve any and all punishment that comes your way, no matter how noble your ego makes you think the cause is.”(Bella, 2013). Author here states Snowden could have walked away from his job or the government if he did not like what he did for them. Company paid him well above $200K a year and put in a great amount of trust in him. Author sees it as if someone puts a trust or discloses classified information then the person voluntarily gives up his or her right of freedom of speech. Being smart in a field and using the knowledge to help country get stronger is a good thing, but being childish and disclose classified information to public is a big deal for the author. “On Thursday, President Obama declared before the world that he would not permit any diplomatic 'wheeling and dealing' over my case.”(Roberts, 2013) Last week Edward Snowden mentioned that if he is tried and brought back to the US then he would not let any diplomatic rule over his case. References Bella, P. (2013, June). Middle Class Guy. Retrieved from

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